In 1900, German sparkling wine, or Sekt, was highly regarded. In this period of the German Empire (1871–1918), sparkling wine was poured at many of the official festivities. It was considered as good as Champagne and was served in the best restaurants and luxury hotels of the German Empire.


Straw gold with a compact mousse. The wine gives off a citrus and stone fruit aroma but also the feel of freshly-baked fruit loaf: there’s also a unique smoky feel too.

Tasting Notes

The first fermentation is in wooden barrels, the second in bottle. This wine is made entirely from Riesling. Aged for 5 years, the end result boasts a seductive ripe flavour, great density complexity and a silky-smooth texture.


The attack is surprisingly youthful - fresh citrus in the way of lime and lemon but also pink grapefruit and a sprinkling of stone fruit, particularly peach. The body is rather creamy and the finish both floral and mineral-laden: slate, smoke and a touch of wood for elegance.