Derived from the name of the wild flower that grows round our winery, Alastro is a Grecanico blended with two notably aromatic varieties, Grillo and Sauvignon Blanc. Splendidly aromatic, delicately structured, with aromas of tropical fruit, fresh citrus and white flowers.


A ripe nose of candyfloss, honey and pineapple.

Tasting Notes

An attractive soft mousse combines with some lovely fresh acidity and flavours of lightly baked biscuit.


Armilla is rich and round on the palate: a perfect balance of toasty, warm, hazelnut bread and fresh quince and gardenia. The fresh effervescent acidity is crisp and lively on the palate; complemented by a full velvety mouth feel – layer after layer after layer.


2016 - Best South African Sparkling Wine