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Our Halal Food

Our Halal Food

The word is generally used in the context of food but covers all aspects of life.

Fish is Halal primarily because of the sayings and actions of the Prophet with respect to fish.

Our Focus is on seafood and you will be satisfied with our way of following Halal rules to grant you a great dinner in a relaxing ambience.

Take the advantages of our set menues to enjoya totally different food experience and pair your food with our Halal wine, simply de-alcoholised wine.

As wine is as much a part of a meal as dessert is, we feel that our Halal wines solves all the problems.

Non-alcoholic wine has been around for decades but there’s always been at least 0.2-0.5% alcohol. Our wines have 0.0% alcohol and certified by HQC - Halal Quality Control.

Please have a look at our Wine section.

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