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Simplicity & Ancient Recipes

Simplicity & Ancient Recipes

We are a family run business and our philosophy is very simple:

Keep in touch with our family’s roots and traditions, with simplicity and ancient recipes, always working to improve service and quality.

The art of cooking can only be mastered with love, passion and patience.

Cooked with simplicity and combined with the best top quality products.

We are committed in promising a taste of Italy offering the best quality product.

Selected by us and sourced directly from Italy.



Nardi’s Chef

Why Nardi?

Why Nardi?

We spent days looking for the perfect name, we scoured internet for keywords, phrases, tools trying to have the perfect name/combination for our brand. We wanted a name that was a part of our personal experience, which would help to represent who we are, no matter its sound or its impact.

We wanted a name that would reflect our ideology and that connected people to the experience we are creating.

We wanted to establish a real connection and make it memorable and then... the idea, so simple, so easy and so close to us.

Nardi, I still remember him now, he was a friend, a tutor, someone I loved and I trusted.

He had 2 hunting dogs and he used to live in a small house in West Sicily into the “Zingaro Natural Reserve”, a magnificent place on the Sicilian coast, rich in fish and nature.

Nardi was not used to fishing with the boat and he had lot of equipment for land and underwater fishing; he captured only the fish he needed and this was because he had a great respect for the sea.

I still remember when me and my friends used to go to his house in the summer for 2 weeks. I had a great time with him and he used to teach us how to recognise fish, how to clean them and how to cook them. He used to grow vegetables in his garden and he also told us all his secrets regarding how to grow them in a healthy way.

He told us all the adventures he had been through and all the people he had met during his career as a singer and a musician on a cruise boat which allowed him to have visited many different places.

When he then finished exploring most of the world, he remembered an amazing place where the weather was great, the sea was calm and where he could spend the last days of his life; that place was the “Zingaro Natural Reserve” near to Scopello.

Every morning, he woke up very early and walked for 3.5KM to buy wine and flour in Scopello, the nearest village. He then used the flour to make and cook bread in his oven which he also used as heating for his little house. Nardi didn't want light bulbs in his house and when it was dark he would light a few candles.

His 2 hunting dogs were very loyal to him and they liked to go hunting, especially for rabbits, which were then brought home and cooked by Nardi for everybody, even for the dogs; he had always loved them as his children and he took them everywhere he went, even in winter when he went around Europe for his holidays.

I am very grateful to Nardi because he taught me how to recognise the freshness of the fish and how to cook it, he also had a different way to look at the world and for that I am very proud to have been his friend.

Unfortunately, he didn’t like people to take photos of him and this is the reason why words are the only and best way to describe him.

Thank you Nardi, our brand name is my tribute to you!